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Real Avid Armorer’s Master Wrench


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Precision machined to tight tolerances, the Real Avid® Armorer’s Master Wrench offers unmatched precision fitment and ergonomic intelligence. The integrated wrenches seat squarely for a no-slip fit on stubborn barrel nuts, castle nuts, muzzle brakes, or fixed stock receiver extensions, protecting against stripping, damage to the firearm, or injury to yourself. The ergonomic handle delivers a reliable, non-slip grip. An interchangeable hammerhead attachment point readily allows you to swap between the steel hammerhead for hard metal surfaces, the brass head for driving pins and other soft metals, and the nylon or rubber head for soft areas that are more susceptible to damage. The ¾” muzzle brake wrench allows for quick, reliable installation of muzzle devices, while the castle nut wrench fits precisely within the castle nut for fast installation and removal. Plus, the ½” torque wrench attachment is optimally positioned to provide consistent torque for all nuts. Other tools include a free-float barrel nut wrench, 5/8” stock receiver extension wrench, and Mil-Spec barrel nut wrench with torque specs listed on the grip, ensuring you never over- or under-torque your barrel, nuts, and other parts.


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