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Hoppe’s BoreSnake M-16, .22 – .223 Rifle Bore Cleaner

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Who says cleaning your gun has to be a daunting, time-consuming chore? Clean your .22-.223 cal. rifle bore in a single pass with the Hoppe’s® BoreSnake® M-16, .22-.223 Rifle Bore Cleaner. Featuring a weighted brass tip, this BoreSnake easily slips through your rifle’s chamber, through the barrel, and out the muzzle for a thorough clean. This all-in-one bore mop offers a large cleaning surface area—more than 160x larger than standard cotton patches—for a deeper, more efficient clean, while the dual bronze brushes scrub and remove fouling in a single pass. Plus, the Hoppe’s BoreSnake is machine-washable for lasting performance.
For a quick, dependable clean for your .22 rifle or .223/5.56x45mm MSR, look no further than the Hoppe’s BoreSnake M-16, .22-.223 Rifle Bore Cleaner.


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