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Ruger LCR 9mm Moon Clips 3-Pack


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This is a 3-Pack of Ruger® LCR 9mm Moon Clips.
Made from .032” thick stainless steel and designed for quick ejection, easy speed-loading, and simple, tool-free loading and unloading, these 9mm full moon clips are the perfect upgrade for your LCR. Combining durable, lightweight construction with trademark Ruger reliability and craftsmanship, the Ruger LCR is an extremely popular choice for concealed carry and backup gun duty, delivering revolver-style reliability and 9mm stopping power in a pocket-friendly package. These full moon clips are genuine Ruger factory accessories, so they’re made in the U.S.A. and designed to meet Ruger’s strict standards for quality and reliability.
Grab a few full moon clips for your LCR today!


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