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Magpul Speed Plate 9mm/.40 S&W for Glock 3-Pack


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This is a 3-pack of Magpul GL Speed Plates for use with Glock®-compatible PMAG GL9 magazines.
Magpul has a well-earned reputation for providing some of the world’s most reliable, effective and combat-ready firearms accessories.
Similar in concept to the Magpul Ranger Plate™ for AR15/M16 magazines, the SpeedPlate allows for rapid magazine extraction and positive handling. Protects the base of magazine from impact. The SpeedPlate replaces the floorplate on all Fully Metal Lined (FML) factory GLOCK 9mm and .40S&W pistol magazines.
Designed to work like sized-down Ranger Plates for your Glock pistol, these Speed Plates add a large ergonomic loop to the bottom of your PMAG GL9 magazines for positive handling and faster tactical reloads. Crafted from durable, impact-resistant polymer and designed to endure serious operational abuse.
Magpul Speed Plates are great for competition/home defense setups.
Made in U.S.A.


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