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XTech Tactical MAG47 MIL AK-47 7.62×39 30-Round Magazine


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This is an XTech® MAG47-MIL AK-47 7.62x39mm magazine with a 30-round capacity.
Built to withstand nearly any operating conditions and provide reliable feeding for thousands of rounds, you can’t go wrong with this AK-47 magazine from XTech. This magazine is built with a polymer body to reduce weight but is reinforced with a stainless steel cage for added strength and abrasion resistance in the feed lips and locking lugs. For maximum durability, the rear locking lug has been upgraded from XTech’s standard skeletonized steel lug to a solid version, with added support wings to better absorb force from drops or impacts. The front and rear straps of the magazine feature tactile serrations for a secure grip, while the sides sport an attractive grid pattern, further augmenting the body strength. The baseplate is quickly removable for cleaning or maintenance, even in the field. For the most demanding users and rugged environments, there’s no better magazine for your AK-47.


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