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X-Grip Sig Sauer P228 / P229 / M11 9mm 15-Round Magazine Grip Adapter

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This is an XGRIP magazine adapter for Sig Sauer P228/P229/M11 pistols in 9mm
Use these XGRIP magazine adapters to transform your standard capacity SIG P226 magazines into extended magazines for your compact SIG pistol.
Designed to maximize the versatility and performance of your arsenal, XGRIP’s patented magazine adapters are crafted from ultra-durable polymer and designed to snap onto the base of your full-size magazine.
Not only do the adapters flow seamlessly into the design of the pistol and provide extra grip area, they also act as a natural over-insertion stop to protect your pistol’s internals. Snap-fit installation is tool-free and only takes a few seconds.
The patented XGRIP P228, P229, M11 adapts the SIG P226 magazine for use in the P228, P229, M11 pistols, incorporating the larger magazine into the compact pistol.
Compatible with SIGSAUER factory original German manufactured P226 magazines with 43mm floorplates. If you have the newly redesigned magazine or Mec-Gar magazine with the longer protruding metal floorplate, you can grind it down from the 45mm length to the 43mm length of the original German design and the XGRIP will protect and cover this modification. Our unique XGRIP will eliminate the sharp edge of the metal floorplate holder and enhances the finger rest posture.
Grab a few XGRIP adapters for your SIG pistols today!


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