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X-Grip 1911 COMPACT Officer, .45 ACP/ 9mm 7/8-Round Magazine Grip Adapter

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This is an XGRIP Magazine Adapter for 1911 COMPACT Officer pistols in .45 ACP/9mm
Get a few more rounds out of your Compact 1911 pistol with these XGRIP adapters and your favorite full-size 1911 magazines.
XGRIP is dedicated to offering top-of-the-line magazine adapters that allow you to safely use full-size magazines in compact and subcompact pistols while adding extra grip area and enhancing overall ergonomics. Each XGRIP adapter is manufactured from impact-resistant polymer for maximum durability under extreme conditions.
Just slide the adapter over the top of your 1911 magazine and snap it into place around the baseplate. XGRIP adapters act as a crucial over-insertion stop that keeps you from damaging your pistol when using full-size magazine.
NOTE: These XGRIP adapters are designed for use with flat/steel baseplate 1911 magazines and may not lock into place with other mags. If your magazine has a polymer baseplate, we recommend using the 2-piece adapter.
Add a few XGRIP adapters to your arsenal today!
*Note: This XGRIP is intended to be a permanent installation.



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