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Mec-Gar Ruger P85/89/93/94/95/PC9 9mm 20-Round Blued Steel Magazine


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This is a BLUE STEEL 20-round magazine for Ruger P85/89/93/94/95/PC9 pistols in 9mm.
These 20-round extended magazines deliver maximum firepower for Ruger P-series pistols chambered in 9mm. Features include heat-treated carbon steel construction with clear-cut witness holes and a flat polymer baseplate.
Combining classic 1911 design elements with an ultra-rugged construction, Ruger’s P-series pistols are known for their duty-ready, no-nonsense performance. And with Mec-Gar’s improved P-Series magazine, your Ruger pistol will be practically unstoppable …
Mec-Gar is constantly innovating and improving on magazine designs in order to deliver a more reliable, more consistent feeding magazine for military, police and professional shooters.
Grab a few extended magazines for your Ruger P-series pistol today! 
NOTE: Works with PC9 discontinued in 2007 and NOT in PC Carbine released in 2017 


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