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Mantis Laser Academy Portable Training Kit


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Train on the go with the Mantis® Laser Academy Portable Training Kit. This training kit comes equipped with guided drills and real-time feedback, allowing you to achieve quality reps with your own equipment and experience a higher level of dry fire training with real, positive results. The Laser Academy system utilizes a laser training cartridge that drops into the chamber of your firearm, delivering a reliable, consistent, and accurate beam down range every time the firing pin strikes the cartridge. Featuring physical 5” x 7” and 8” x 11” targets, these laser “shots” are read by your phone or tablet and scored accordingly, per mode. The FREE Laser Academy smartphone app includes 4 training modes:
Open Shooting – Single Target: Basic target shooting with scoring and the ability to store sessions to track your progress.
Shot From Guard/Low Ready – Single Shot: Starting from a prompt, this mode times your shot and tracks accuracy in single-shot sessions.
Duel – Single Shot: You and a training partner compete to see who has the fastest draw and eagle eye.
Bullseye – Five-shot: Untimed, no prompts, receive scores and splits from five-shot rounds.
Better yet, this training kit includes a mini tripod and large tripod for your smartphone, a cartridge extraction stick, portable carrying case, and a complete set of targets for reliable performance, right out of the box.


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