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Butler Creek AR-15 .223, 5.56 ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader

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This is the Butler Creek ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader for AR15/M16 magazines.
Welcome to the next generation of loading! The ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader is the only product of its kind on the market, made with serious competitors and training facilities in mind. The ASAP Loader is designed for 5.56/.223 ammo in brass or nickel-plated cases*.  The Loader is operated via an easy to read backlit LCD panel with guided prompts to ensure successful loading.
Using the ASAP Loader to quickly and easily load magazines couldn’t be any easier!  Just fill the hopper with up to 60 brass-cased loose rounds, insert your magazine into the loading port, select the desired round count (1-40), and press a button. That’s it. The machine automatically orientates the ammunition and loads your magazine.
The ASAP Loader is designed to automatically self-correct common feeding errors, and to resume automatically in the event of a magazine jam which must be cleared by the user.  Thumbscrews secure the panel protecting the mechanical bits, enabling quick toolless access to the loader’s internals in the event of a jam requiring user intervention.
The ASAP Loader comes with both an AC adapter AND an 8xAA lithium-only battery pack which enables it to be used on the range, away from AC power.
*Using steel-cased ammo in the ASAP Loader is NOT RECOMMENDED, as the lacquer will build up in the mechanisms of the loader and cause slow operation and/or malfunctions, and may void the product’s warranty.


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